Judge Sides With ACLU, Block Parts of Georgia Immigration Law

Posted: Jun 27, 2011 2:50 PM

A federal judge in Georgia has sided with the ACLU by blocking parts of the state's new illegal immigration law that would allow local law enforcement officers to inquire about immigration status after an individual has committed a crime, ripping the teeth out of the bill and making it nearly useless.

A federal judge has granted a request to block parts of Georgia's law cracking down on illegal immigration from taking effect until a legal challenge is resolved.

Judge Thomas Thrash on Monday blocked parts of the law that penalize people who transport or harbor illegal immigrants. He also blocked provisions that authorize officers to verify the immigration status of someone who can't provide proper identification.

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The ACLU filed the lawsuit claiming discrimmination and cited immigration as an issue to be delt with only at the federal level. The law is scheduled to go in effect July 1.