Obama Now Likes High-Tech Stuff, ATM's No Longer Evil?

Posted: Jun 24, 2011 11:33 AM

You just can't make this stuff up. A short week after President Obama blamed high unemployment on ATM's and airport kiosks, he has launched a $500 million project to "spur high-tech manufacturing."

On Friday in Pittsburgh, Obama is to call for a joint effort by industry, universities and the federal government to help reposition the United States as a leader in cutting-edge manufacturing, including biotechnology, robotics and nanotechnology _ the development of new materials at the molecular level.

The initiative represents yet another effort by Obama to promote job-creation in the midst of an economic slowdown that has reduced hiring and weakened his job approval standing with the public. The president has tried to elevate his profile on the economy with weekly job-related trips to states that are key to his re-election.


Seriously. First off, people in Pennsylvania are sick of President Obama's stump speeches as his approval rating sits at 42 percent. Second, President Obama just claimed that technology kills jobs. A week ago Obama he said technology kills jobs, today he will say technology creates jobs. Which one is it Mr. President?

It's good to see Obama "encouraging" the growth of the economy through innovation, although the government involvement is disappointing, however, this is just ridiculous based on  his comments last week. Bottom line: He was wrong a week ago and he's wrong now. ATM's don't kill jobs, in fact, they create jobs for the people who build them. Obama is wrong again by trying to force government into the private industry to magically create jobs. Stimulus failed and so will this.

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