Cutting Waste One Booklet at a Time

Posted: Jun 13, 2011 9:38 AM

The White House is getting really serious about cutting waste. The Obama Administration has launched a campaign to end the printing of the Federal Register. While I support the move, and others mentioned in the video, this is nothing groundbreaking and it's embarrasing that the President needed to make an official video about it, praising himself and his administration for "saving the taxpayer money" and "eliminating stupid spending," while pitching his plans for "investing" in education and technology.

In the big picture, this means nothing. It's time for the President to seriously deal with real economic problems like the nearly $15 trillion in debt the U.S. has accumulated and our 9.1 percent unemployment rate instead of distracting people with silly initiatives to stop printing government reports. Excessive printing should stop yes, but it should be done quietly and not touted by the Administration as a huge accomplishment to reduce spending. Like Obama says in the video, getting rid of stupid waste should be easy, so just do it.

And guess what? The Campaign to Cut Waste is sure to be a success because Joe Biden is leading the way! "Because nobody messes with Joe."