SB 1070: It's Working

Posted: Apr 18, 2011 11:53 AM
As I wrote earlier, open-border activists showed up at a tea party rally in Phoenix, Ariz. over the weekend and tried to shout down State Senator Russell Pearce during his speech where he discussed the success of SB 1070, the Obama Administration's fight against border security, the increased funding he has allocated to Sheriff Joe Arpaio to fight illegal immigration and joked about the many times people have taken shots at him with bullets, lawsuits and words.

Pearce cited a rapid decrease in prison inmate population, $500 million in education savings and higher employment among legal Arizona residents since SB 1070 was implemented just a year ago, proving illegal immigration should be looked at as an economic issue in addition to a national security issue.

Note the sirens and yelling in the background: those are the tolerant open border advocates.