A Conversation With Planned Parenthood

Posted: Apr 07, 2011 4:57 PM
I was in downtown D.C. this afternoon and had a very brief conversation with a young black man working for the organization. I asked the young man for his name, and he would not tell me. During out conversation, he acknowledged that the organization had been founded on eugenic philosophy, but said "times have changed."

PP: Hi mam, do you support Planned Parenthood?

Me: No, what are you guys doing out here. (By out here I mean on a street corner in downtown Washington)

PP: You know, trying to get funds

Me: And why?

PP: Well because of cuts, John Boehner

Me: Okay, so why do you support Planned Parenthood?

PP: Well I mean who doesn't need a free HIV test?

Me: Oh okay, so do you know why Planned Parenthood was founded?

PP: Well yeah on eugenics and stuff like that, but I can't still be mad about that. I think like all things that things change with time and it's not like that anymore.

Me: Okay, so are you aware that Planned Parenthood purposely puts clinic in poor, minority neighborhood?

PP: I wouldn't know anything about that.

Me: Well, their clinics are highly concentrated in poor, minority neighborhoods.

PP: Okay, I don't know about that.

Me: Would you say that Planned Parenthood takes advantage of minorities and poor people?

PP: I wouldn't know about that.

Me: Okay well I think they do. Have a good day.

PP: You too mam.