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Mexican Mayor: Please Stop Sending Mexican Felons Back to Mexico

In a meeting between Mexican mayors, Sign On San Diego News is reporting the mayor of Ciudad Juarez, a city with a murder rate higher just this year than that of troop deaths in the entire Iraq war, has requested the United States stop sending convicted illegal immigrant  felons back to Mexico.

Among the topics discussed were the deportation to Mexico of large number of Mexican citizens who have committed felonies in the United States.

Jose Reyes Ferriz, mayor of Ciudad Juarez, said Mexican border mayors are asking U.S. officials to stem the deportation of convicts to their communities.

Of 80,000 people deported to Ciudad Juarez in the past three years, 28,000 had U.S. criminal records, he said including 7,000 who had served time for rape and 2,000 convicted of murder.

He also said the large number of criminal deportees has contributed to the violence in Juarez, which has reported more than 2,200 homicides so far this year.
In other words, Mr. Ferriz would rather have the murders and rapes take place in America, instead of in Mexico.

Side note: Mexico is in on the lawsuit with the Obama Justice Department against Arizona's attempts to secure the border and reduce crime through SB 1070.

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