Time to Unite Around O'Donnell

Posted: Sep 21, 2010 6:45 AM
As Sarah Palin said at the largest Republican Party of Iowa Ronald Reagan Fundraiser dinner ever last week, “It is time to unite and make government work."

Americans around the country and in Delaware are already off to a good start in uniting behind O’Donnell, donating nearly $2 million to her campaign in just a couple of days. Now it is time for the Republican party establishment to get behind her as well.

Guy Benson, Political Editor at Townhall.com followed the Delaware primary race closely before the O’Donnell victory, and is “rooting for her to win,” against her progressive opponent Chris Coons in the general election, noting that the more establishment Republican Mike Castle plays the sore loser by attacking and refusing to endorse her, the more money she brings in.

Ed Morrissey from HotAir.com pointed out the mainstream media’s desperation in their attempts to gain traction on a comment O’Donnell made years ago about dabbling in witchcraft as a teenager, pointing out that what really matters is how much O’Donnell has in the bank as she rakes in nearly as much money in donations as Scott Brown did in Massachusetts just before the health care vote.

“O’Donnell was talking about an incident from high school. Clearly, she was talking about Wicca (and perhaps misunderstanding it a bit as well), a religion that liberals (and a few conservatives, too) fought to get recognized by the VA for military headstones. It’s about as relevant as Dungeons and Dragons, and as threatening as well. It seems that donors have a better sense of perspective than some in the media,” he wrote.

The National Republican Senatorial Committee Chairman Senator John Cornyn came out  the day after the O’Donnell victory and not only backed her campaign with words, but with a large sum of cash as well.

“Let there be no mistake: The National Republican Senatorial Committee – and I personally as the committee’s chairman – strongly stand by all of our Republican nominees, including Christine O’Donnell in Delaware. I reached out to Christine this morning, and as I have conveyed to all of our nominees, I offered her my personal congratulations and let her know that she has our support. This support includes a check for $42,000 – the maximum allowable donation that we have provided to all of our nominees – which the NRSC will send to her campaign today,” he said in an NRSC press release.

As we have seen the Tea Party turn into one of the most powerful and influential forces in American history, O’Donnell can fulfill the small government agenda most Americans and hopefully, many people in Delaware are searching for. She is running on a conservative platform with no room for moderation. Not only does O'Donnell believe “jobs are created when businesses are freed from endless taxes and bureaucratic red tape,” she understands the consequences of passing trillions of dollars of debt onto future generations, resulting in fiscal child abuse and “eroding of our freedom.”

The big issue in 2010 is the economy and Christine O’Donnell understands that more government is not the answer, but unity from the Republican Party behind a conservative platform is.