NAACP: "Hate is on the rise"

Posted: Aug 06, 2010 2:54 PM

The NAACP is at it again. On the homepage of their website they have an opening statement which reads:

After decades of progress, hate is on the rise across America. At rallies, on television, and across the Web racism and race-baiting has crept back into our public discourse. Against that tide we call on all Americans to stand for the values that have made our country great.

They also have a pledge posted on the site that in part states:

I believe we can disagree without being disagreeable.

The NAACP is crying racism, instead of adhering to their own pledge of being able to disagree without being disagreeable. The NAACP's accusations of racism, specifically towards the Tea Party, show that the group is only interested in "disagreeing without being disagreeable" as long as everyone believes in the same policies they do.
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