Marco Rubio Responds to Charlie Crist's Call for Ban on Offshore Drilling

Posted: Jul 09, 2010 9:27 AM
Marco Rubio slammed Florida Governor Charlie Crist along with President Obama on his website for both of their responses and solutions to the gulf oil spill in the gulf yesterday after Crist called for a special legislative session to implement a ban on offshore drilling through the amendment of the state constitution. Rubio, who is running against Crist for a seat in the U.S. Senate, stressed banning offshore drilling in America, will only lead to the outsourcing of jobs to other countries that do not necessarily have America's best interests in mind.

“The Obama/Crist response to the oil spill has been a total failure and Florida families and businesses are suffering because of it. This special session is nothing more than a political sideshow that will do nothing to help Panhandle businesses, keep oil off our beaches, or prevent future spills. In fact, Charlie Crist seeks to ban something that is already illegal under state law.  We don’t need more photo ops and finger pointing. We need leadership.

“Every available clean-up skimmer in the world should be along our Gulf coast right now. After two months, there is no reason we don’t have containment boom and barriers protecting every vulnerable beach. We need strong leadership that will challenge government to do more before it’s too late.  Instead, Charlie Crist seems more focused on releasing birds than releasing skimmers.

“We all agree that the Gulf oil spill is a tremendous tragedy that must never be repeated. But drilling is going to happen off our coast whether it’s done by America, China and Cuba, which just last week announced plans to drill 60 miles off the Florida Keys.  We still need safer and smarter offshore energy exploration to end our addiction to foreign oil.”