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Blacklisting Conservative Films

Ann McElhinney and Phelim McAleer, directors and producers of the documentary "Not Evil, Just Wrong," a documentary that challenges Al Gore's stance on global warming and also reveils the devastating consequences of not allowing the use of DDT to prevent Malaria, have recently experienced the reality of being blacklisted for their conservative views. Below is their own written experience which can also be found at noteviljustwrong.com


Nowadays blacklists are a silent way of trying to destroy people and their careers, and that suits those doing the blacklisting particularly if they call themselves liberal, claiming to care about censorship and human rights. But some liberals forget to keep quiet and make public what is really going on.

Richard Lindzen is a MIT physicist whose scientific investigations make him skeptical about Global Warming. But his significant scientific pedigree does not matter to those less qualified who believe otherwise. He recently told the GreenHellBlog that after a house fire he approached a Boston art appraiser to value an antique rug.

Professor Lindzen received the following response by email:

"I am sorry to inform you that after some consideration, I’ve decided not to perform the appraisal service that you’ve requested. Your writing on the subject of global warming is offensive to me personally, and I feel that I would have difficulty being an impartial appraiser of value given my view on the subject."

We smiled when the email was revealed and thought that Professor Lindzen and Boston could do with a new art appraiser.

However it was amusing only until we asked a number of US companies to work for us. We needed companies to make DVDs and provide translated subtitles for our new documentary "Not Evil Just Wrong." Just like Professor Lindzen it challenges liberal orthodoxy - taking a critical look at environmentalism and Global Warming hysteria.

Just like Professor Lindzen, we felt the cold hand of discrimination. One of the companies, in the midst of the biggest recessions in living memory, said "our order was too big" and declined to bid for the contract.

However, the Atlanta based International Services translation company really gave the game away when in an email they explained why they were refusing to provide us with their services.

CEO Sue Ellen Reager stated:

"I have researched your film on the web, and do not see scientific reviews or major press reviews in support (may be too early), and needed that support to assure cooperation from our translators. Because we translate with highly educated people around the world, located in countries like Germany and France, who take Global Warming very seriously, I am fairly sure that several countries will refuse to participate in this project."

In a follow up telephone conversation Ms. Reager explained to "you guys in Europe" how the system really worked.

Ms. Reager and her company have "worked in Hollywood for years" she explained. Their client list includes CNN, Turner Broadcasting, Google and Microsoft.

At first she blamed her European translators.

"Your content looks like it is refuting many assertions made by Al Gore and Europe is pro Al Gore... and I am pretty sure they will refuse to participate...we deal with really classy people in Germany and anything attacking Al Gore they will refuse."

Speaking on the phone Ms Reager said that in the email she was "just being nice" to us because we were Europeans.

The real problem is with those pesky Republicans in the US, who insist on making films that she and Hollywood don't agree with.

"I didn't know whether your documentary is fact based or part of the rubbish that Republicans make. You wouldn't believe the crap they put out,” she said.

Many Republicans put out films that are just "faith based imaginings," she added.

We are European, but isn't Altlanta the home of one of America's famous civil rights leaders, who in "faith based imagining," dreamed that people one day would be judged by the content of their character and nothing else?

This dream does not seem to have reached Hollywood - just yet. It is a one party town where character, hard work and talent count for nothing. No dissent form the leftist orthodoxy seems to be tolerated and those who disagree experience quiet discrimination that slowly strangles their ability to work in the industry.



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