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Paradise Prison

A jogging trail, a sound studio, a state of the art kitchen laboratory with complementary cooking classes, and bedrooms with designer furniture, flat screen TVs, and mini fridges, all sound like the elements of one of the finest hotels in the world.


But in fact, this dreamy haven houses Norway’s most dangerous and vile criminals, and could become home to the infamous Anders Breivik, who is responsible for the two terror attacks on Norway.

That’s right. After shooting flocks of children and blowing up a government building, this sad excuse for a human is being treated to an all-expenses-paid-getaway.

The villain, who slaughtered close to 100 people, will pretty much be living in the lap of luxury in a compound that covers 75 acres of woodland, with prison guards who “move around the prison unarmed and often play sports or eat meals with the men they are tasked with watching.” Yep, sounds like a real tough life.

But it gets better. The Telegraph reports that “half of the prison staff are women, a policy based on research which shows a female presence induces a less aggressive atmosphere.”

I just have one question: When is spa day? That question is less ridiculous than this form of supposed penance.

Norway’s idea of punishing a cold blooded mass murderer, not to mention the other murderers, rapists, and robbers that are put up in this prison, is room service and a ‘do not disturb’ sign.


What has society come to? When did going to prison and paying for crimes to humanity become the equivalent of being the 7th caller on a radio show and winning a prepaid vacation package?

How is society spending $252 million on a “prison” (I put prison in quotes, because four walls with metal bars cannot cost $252 million) for 248 inmates, and yet can barely afford to educate children in third world countries?

Where is justice? It’s definitely not found in a place that may as well put a complementary mint on inmates' pillows, where the only thing complementary should be handcuffs.

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