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Gen. Jack Keane: Strikes on Syria Major Setback for Russia, Strong Message to Iran and North Korea

America is back.

That was the overall conclusion from an interview Sean Hannity of Fox News had with General Jack Keane Thursday night regarding the air strikes on Syrian air forces late Thursday night.

"This is an incredible message," Keane said. "It should have been sent many years ago by the Obama administration."

The strikes were quick, effective, and caught the world by surprise.

"He's taken a very limited action, but it sends an incredibly strong message to our adversaries in the world, who are paying attention, believe me," Keane added. "We have a decisive president who is going to act on behalf of U.S. national interests and the interests of our allies."

Countries like Iran and North Korea were surely witnesses of the precision the U.S. military is capable of, according to Keane.

"That is an unequivocally, loud, clear message."

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