Report: At Least 180 Federal Workers Planning to Disobey Trump Administration

Posted: Feb 01, 2017 10:45 AM

President Donald Trump surely realizes that most workers employed by the federal government diabolically oppose his views of America.

According to a new report, at least 180 of those employees "have signed up for a workshop featuring expert advice on workers’ rights and expressing civil disobedience."  Also, dozens more federal workers have attended a support groups for discussing opposition to the Trump administration.

As President Trump settles into the White House, he will have to start examining ways to expedite his transition from the top down.  His agenda is nothing more than words in the long term if the people working for him fail to carry out his promises.  

Not showing up to work, taking extended vacations, filing worker's rights lawsuits, and obstructing the process in any way possible are just a few of the legal ways federal workers can bring President Trump's agenda to a halt.

From the CIA to the State Department, at some point, a mass overhaul of former employees from the Clinton, Bush and Obama eras has to happen.  President Trump can sign as many executive orders as he wants, but it will mean nothing in the long run if the people who stood behind him during the campaign are not serving him as employees.


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