President Trump Gives $10,000 to Campaign Volunteer for His Father's Chemo

Posted: Jan 24, 2017 10:30 AM

There is another side of President Donald Trump that often gets overlooked in the political headlines.  That side was shown just hours before he was sworn in as the next leader of the free world.  

On Thursday night, Shane Bouvet, a single dad from Illinois, was able to finally meet the man he had been campaigning for throughout the past year.  

Bouvet's story caught the attention of The Washington Post who covered his invitation to the inaugural ball. Just weeks before he was scheduled to come to Washington, D.C., Bouvet was unsure if he could afford the trip as his dad was fighting cancer and he didn't have the money to by a suit and shoes.  Luckily, he received a donation from someone who paid for the proper apparel for the ball and was able to make the trip.

The story caught the eye of President Trump.

Behind the Lincoln Memorial at the "Make America Great Again Concert," Bouvet finally got the chance to meet the man he had so tirelessly worked for.

“Hey, Donald Trump,” Bouvet said.  President Trump looked at him and said, “This is the greatest guy.”

He then signed an autograph for Bouvet's 4-year-old son and asked if he was still with the mother.  

Bouvet said no and the president reassured him that no one is perfect. “That happens,” he said.

After the meeting was concluded, President Trump put his hand on Bouvet’s back and told an aide, “Send him a check for $10,000.”

The 24-year-old was a guest on "Fox & Friends" Monday and discussed the moment.

"He is such a genuine, caring, loving person who just really cares about the American people," Bouvet said. "For what he did for my dad and gave him that extra fight, I don't know how I'll ever repay him."

Bouvet once again thanked President Trump.

"Thank you Donald Trump for everything that you've done for my dad. ... You're such a great guy, and you're going to be the best president of the United States."

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