Virginia Man Pays $3,000 Virginia Car Tax in Pennies

Posted: Jan 13, 2017 11:25 AM

“I’m not used to lifting... These are heavy.” 

This is what Nick Stafford had to say on Wednesday after carting the fifth and final wheelbarrow of pennies into the Lebanon Department of Motor Vehicles.  Stafford was paying a $2,987.14 in sales tax for purchasing two new SUVs with cash.

“If they were going to inconvenience me, then I was going to inconvenience them,” he told the Bristol Herald Courier

Stafford was frustrated in September when he attempted to call the Lebanon, Virginia DMV but was sent to an operator in Richmond.  Stafford then filed three lawsuits after he couldn’t get the phone numbers of nine local DMV offices, but the case was dismissed on Tuesday.  

The 300,000 pennies weighed nearly 1,600 pounds and took 11 people to complete the counting process.