Clinton and Bush Dynasties Spent $1.5 Billion Trying to Bring Trump Down

Posted: Dec 12, 2016 2:00 PM

When it comes to spending someone else's cash, the Clinton and Bush families know how to do it best.

While the median American income is around $50,000, politicians such as Jeb Bush and Hillary Clinton raked in over $1.3 billion in campaign contributions to try and bring down the man they said was unfit to be president of the United States.  

The cash was flowing in for Jeb Bush who many in the Washington, D.C. establishment proclaimed as the favorite.  When Jeb Bush formally entered the presidential campaign in June of 2015, there was already more money behind him than every other Republican candidate combined. In February when Jeb Bush admitted defeat, he had spent $130 million primarily against his arch rival President-elect Donald Trump.  Executive valets, trips to Las Vegas, and thousands of dollars spent on pizza are all contributed to Bush's uncontrolled waste of money.  

But even Jeb Bush couldn't compare to Hillary Clinton's spending against Trump.  

Clinton and her supporters spent a record $1.2 billion for her losing presidential campaign — twice as much as the winner, Donald Trump, according to the New York Post.  

Trump paid less than $5 per vote during his Pro-America White House bid, about half what Clinton paid, according to Reuters.

At one point during the Republican primary, Marco Rubio and Jeb Bush had spent a combined $91 million on ads to defeat Trump.  On the other hand, Trump only spent $4 million to the same date while cruising to an uncontested victory. 

Billions of dollars were spent by the Washington, D.C. machine against President-elect Donald Trump to no avail.  Americans wanted change and they received just that.