Obama Memo Demands that US Security Agencies Become "More Diverse"

Posted: Oct 10, 2016 1:20 PM

In an attempt to "promote diversity and inclusion in the national security workforce," Barack Obama sent out a White House memorandum last week urging government agencies to start hiring minorities.  

“Our greatest asset in protecting the homeland and advancing our interests abroad is the talent and diversity of our national security workforce,” Obama said.  “As the United States becomes more diverse and the challenges we face more complex, we must continue to invest in policies to recruit, retain and develop the best and brightest from all segments of our population,” he added.

The White House released the Obama administration's definition of diverse, which includes individuals with various ethnic, religious or sexual backgrounds.

“Diversity has always been one of the nation’s greatest strengths, and it is no different for the federal workforce, which has a responsibility as the nation’s largest employer to lead by example and to reflect the population that we serve,” it says.  “Inclusion has been key to ensuring that the investments we make to develop our workforce result in a more effective and skilled government for the American people."

The memo went on to ridicule the low levels of minorities currently in the national security force.  

"In broad comparison with the wider Federal Government, the federal workforce dedicated to our national security and foreign policy is – on average – less diverse, including at the highest levels."