Hillary Clinton: Climate Change Causes Hurricanes, Trump is Unfit to Prevent Natural Disasters

Posted: Oct 07, 2016 10:05 AM

Remember that time when Hillary Clinton used her doctrine in meteorology to conclude that climate change causes hurricanes.  It was September 6th when Clinton, campaigning in Tampa, Florida, said that hurricanes were a direct result of human interaction with the atmosphere and that Donald Trump was unfit to protect the United States from natural disasters.

“Another threat to our country is climate change - 2015 was the hottest year on record and the science is clear: it’s real, it’s wreaking havoc on communities across America. Last week’s hurricane was another reminder of the devastation that extreme weather can cause and I send my thoughts and prayers to everyone affected by Hermine. But, this is not the last one that’s going to hit Florida given what’s happening in the climate. […] If it affects people who lose their homes or their businesses that took a lifetime to build, it doesn’t matter to him. When it comes to protecting our country against natural disasters and the threat of climate change, once again, Donald Trump is totally unfit and unqualified to be our President.”

Do not make the mistake of arguing with Democrats when it comes to climate change and weather.  On Wednesday, a MSNBC reporter basically said that Barack Obama's climate deal is designed to stop hurricanes.

This is their reality and we are forced to live in it.