Yes, South Korea Does Have a Plan to Assassinate Kim Jong Un

Posted: Sep 23, 2016 7:00 PM

After Kim Jong Un and North Korea conducted their biggest nuclear test yet, South Korea is bolstering its plan to "eliminate" the dictator should they feel threatened by nuclear weapons, according to CNN.

South Korean Defense Minister Han Min-koo revealed the information in parliament on Thursday, saying that a special forces unit is already on standby.  

"South Korea has a general idea and plan to use precision missile capabilities to target the enemy's facilities in major areas, as well as eliminating the enemy's leadership," he said.

North Korea has spent months aggressively building up its nuclear missile program, launching bout sea and and land-based test runs.

Following South Korea's comments about eliminating Kim Jong-un, North Korea has hit back, accusing the US and South Korea of driving the situation in the Korean Peninsula "to the uncontrollable and irreversible phase of the outbreak of a nuclear war."

Earlier this week, the U.S. Air Force flew B-1B strategic bombers over the region, closer than any U.S. strategic bomber had ever flown.  Pyongyang said it was a "vicious scenario to make a preemptive nuclear strike at the DPRK," according to state-run news agency KCNA.