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Tucker Carlson Explains Why Transgender Ideology and Christianity Are Incompatible

AP Photo/Richard Drew, File

Fox News host Tucker Carlson explained on Tuesday how the ever-increasing transgender ideology is the natural enemy of Christianity in the wake of an attack at a private Christian school by a shooter who identified as transgender. The shooter killed three young students and three adults before responding police killed her.


Carlson noted how his show had just last week aired a segment about NPR reporting on the rise of transgender individuals arming themselves against a supposed rise in violence against the community. Despite the downsides someone will encounter in becoming transgender, he went on, there are many benefits to identifying as such because society has elevated them above everyone else.

"The trans movement, it turns out, is the mirror image of Christianity, and therefore its natural enemy. In Christianity, the price of admission is admitting that you're not God. Christians openly concede that they have no real power of anything. They will tell you to your facethey are sinful and helpless and basically absurd. They are not embarrassed about any of this, they brag about it," he explained.

"The trans movemen takes the opposite view. Trans ideology claims dominion over nature itself. We can change the identity they are born with, they will tell you with wild eyed certainty. Christians can never agree with this statement because these are powers they believe God alone possesses. That unwillingness to agree, that failure to acknowledge a trans person’s dominion over nature, incites and enrages some in the trans community, people who believe they are God can’t stand to be reminded that they are not," Carlson continued.


It is because of that fundamental difference in belief, Carlson warned the two groups are on a collision course, which is what played out on Monday at the Covenant School in Nashville, Tennessee. Carlson also pointed out this is not the first trans or non-binary person to attempt to carry out or successfully carry out an attack in recent months, with the Q nightclub shooter and the man who went to Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh's home in an attempt to kill him as recent examples.

The six victims fatally shot by the shooter at Covenant School have been identified as: Evelyn Dieckhaus, Hallie Scruggs, and William Kinney, all age 9, Cynthia Peak, age 61, Katherine Koonce, age 60, and Mike Hill, age 61.


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