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AP Photo/Susan Walsh

The Val Verde Border Humanitarian Coalition (VVBHC) posted on their Facebook page the bus loads of processed and released migrants who were dropped off in front of Vice President Kamala Harris' D.C. residence on Christmas Eve were happy for the trip, despite the outrage narrative coming from Democrats and the mainstream media.


"On this Christmas Eve, our dedicated NGO partners in Washington DC received three Texas State Buses on this bitterly cold night. Migrants left VVBHC yesterday and are exhausted, but also grateful to be much closer to their final destinations along the East Coast. Definitely a Christmas to remember for all involved!" VVBHC wrote last week.

The VVBHC is a "group of local citizens and agencies that have united to develop an efficient way to transition migrating immigrants and families to their destinations upon release from federal custody through a unified and coordinated effort." Val Verde County, where the organization is located, is right on the U.S.-Mexico border in the Del Rio Sector, one of the areas experiencing historically high numbers of illegal crossings.

The backlash to the recent drop offs has been heavy against Texas Governor Greg Abbott (R), saying it was cruel to provide free bus rides to people who willingly agreed to take the trip. The people who were dropped off were quickly taken to a shelter so they did not spend the night on the street in the cold.


Much of the outrage from Democrats and the media have been missing when it comes to the hundreds of illegal immigrants who have been sleeping on the cold streets of El Paso, Texas because local shelters have run out of space due to the thousands of illegal crossings.


Tiffany Burrow, director of operations for VVBHC, provided the following statement to Townhall:

With transportation across the country in much of a stand still during Christmas week, migrants that were released to VVBHC and qualified (qualified - meaning their documents stated that they were headed to that region of the US) for the free, voluntary TX State bus were grateful to be reunited with friends and family in a timely manner. The TX State buses are comfortable and safe, something I can confirm having ridden a bus with migrants to DC myself.

Politics aside, my preference would be for the TX State Bus to drop at a more practical and humanitarian location, perhaps closer to a transport center (Union Station) or church, rather than the Naval Observatory, especially during freezing weather. Even under these challenging circumstances, I was impressed by the warm welcome DC NGO’s provided migrants on Christmas Eve. Their dedication and willingness to care for those in their time of need was truly beautiful.


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