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Border Patrol Reacts to WH Press Secretary's False Claim About Biden Securing Border

Townhall Media/Julio Rosas

Members of Border Patrol slammed White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre recent claim that President Joe Biden's administration is doing more to secure the U.S.-Mexico border than Donald Trump's administration despite the ongoing record breaking illegal border crossings.


"We're certainly doing a lot more [than the Trump administration] to secure the border and could be doing even more if Republicans would stop their obstruction," Jean-Pierre said on Tuesday. 

"I have been working for the United States Border Patrol under four administrations. I have never before seen the border this bad.  The amount of illegal entries is at an all-time high, Border Patrol's morale is the worst I have ever seen under President Biden," one Border Patrol agent stationed at the southern border told Townhall.

"I think it is obvious that the current administration has done nothing to reduce the flow of illegal crossings into the country. In fact,  this administration reversed many programs the past administration had in place that actually worked. The state of the border under the current administration is the worst I have seen in over 20 years. Sadly, Miss Jean-Pierre has no Idea what she is talking about," said agent Chris Cabrera, spokesman for the National Border Patrol Council.

The National Border Patrol Council also tweeted one word in response to Jean-Pierre, "Bullsh!t," then adding in other tweet, "She is the Baghdad Bob of the Biden Admin. Each lie gets progressively more outrageous and ignores all photographic evidence and first hand eyewitness accounts to the contrary. It’s straight up propaganda."


Whether it be apprehensions, "gotaways," or amount of drugs being seized, every metric of progress along the southern border has gone in the opposite direction since Biden has been in office.

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