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Shocker: Viral BYU 'Racist' Volleyball Incident Looks to Be Another Hoax

ABC 11/Screenshot

Duke University volleyball player Rachel Richardson, a black woman, accused someone in the Brigham Young University student section of repeatedly hurling racial slurs during a recent game and BYU school officials "failed to take the necessary steps to stop the unacceptable behavior and create a safe environment."


Richardson's statement garnered much attention on social media and within the news. BYU released a statement saying they had banned someone, who was not a BYU student, from future events. Yet, it appears Richardson's version of events are not true.

The BYU Cougar Chronicle reported multiple people, who were in attendance for the game, went on the record to say what Richardson described did not happen:

The Cougar Chronicle has been unable to find a source in the student section that can corroborate Richardson’s claim of racial slurs being yelled at her. Vera Smith, a BYU student in the student section during the game, said she “heard absolutely nothing” that could be taken as a racial slur. Jacob Hanson, also a BYU student, shared texts with the Cougar Chronicle from two friends in two different parts of the student section that also heard nothing. They said they were not aware there had been a problem until after the game. Maddy Johnson, another BYU student who was in the ROC student section, said she did not hear any racial slur said and when she saw the individual escorted out of the arena he was in a different section. A mother of a BYU student says she personally knows five people who were in the student section during the game “One person was on the court and the others were in the first row” she told the Chronicle. None of them heard a racial slur. Two other people on the court, who wish to remain anonymous, did not hear any racial slurs.


In addition to the racial slurs not being hurled towards Richardson or her black teammates, but it looks as though BYU banned a man who is "mentally challenged" to appease the woke mob. Richardson also left out in her statement a police officer stood in between the court and the fan section after a complaint was made.

BYU Police Lt. George Besendorfer said reviewing video of the game they discovered the person who was banned did not even shout anything while Richardson was serving, according to the Salt Lake Tribune. Besendorfer added no one has come forward to corroborate Richardson's claim. The officer who was placed between the court and student section also noted in his report he did not hear anyone shout racial slurs.

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