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Dad Defends Daughter and Home When Ex-Boyfriend Breaks Into the House

AP Photo/Wilson Ring

An Ohio man was caught on a Ring security camera in late July attempting to break into the home of his ex-girlfriend, only to wind up getting shot by her father after he warned the intruder that he had a firearm.


The Ring video shows 22-year-old James Rayl lingering outside the family's front door for over a minute, staring ahead. Rayl opens the outer door and is seen trying to open the main door but is unsuccessful. Rayl then throws his weight into the door to break it down.

It is at that point the homeowner can be heard telling Rayl to leave and that he had a gun. That did not deter Rayl and, according to WDTN, he managed to force the door open. The homeowner then fires three times, causing Rayl to retreat into the driveway before he collapsed. He died at the scene.

Shelby County Prosecutor Tim Sell said a grand jury declined to move forward with charges on the homeowner as it was a case of self-defense.


The family of Rayl doesn't see it that way. Some of his family are accusing the ex-girlfriend's father of murder and want him to be brought to justice.

"WHO WOULD WANT A HOUSE WHERE YOU SHOT AND KILLED JAMES trying to run Mitch, Stacie, and Allyson? James DIED in your driveway by the hands on YOU. HE IS GONE. No one ever wants a house where a crime like that happened. I hope it's hell for you guys just like it's been HELL for us getting through this," "Justice for James Rayl" posted on Facebook.

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