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Tekle Sundberg/GoFundMe

GoFundMe is one of the most popular donation sites on the Internet. Whenever a tragedy or unfortunate event occurs, usually people ask, "Is there a GoFundMe?" 

The recent case of Tekle Sundberg has shown that, once again, the donation platform is more than happy to be on the side of criminals and leave victims of crime in the dust. 

Sundberg was shot by Minneapolis police last week following a six-hour standoff that started when Sundberg began firing a gun inside an apartment complex. Bullets from Sundberg's gun entered the home of a woman and her two children. As I reported on the situation yesterday, Minneapolis police officers tried for hours to get Sundberg to stand down, but he refused to negotiate. 

"He didn't want to do any type of negotiation. He just didn't want to. The whole thing of him being black has absolutely nothing to do with it. For instance, he was trying to kill black people," one police source said, adding Tekle gave them no other choice but to take him out after he moved to shoot at officers. 

Because Minneapolis is beholden to the criminal element, a GoFundMe was set up for Sundberg's family and BLM protests took place in his honor. It has now raised more than $20,000. Now, contrast that to the legal defense fund created on the site for bodega owner Jose Alba. Alba killed Austin Simon with a knife in self-defense after Simon stormed the area behind the counter and began to attack Alba. Alba had also been stabbed by Simon's significant other. 

Because New York City is beholden to the criminal element (sensing a theme?), District Attorney Alvin Bragg initially threw Alba behind bars on a murder charge. To raise money for bail and legal fees, his family crowdsourced money on GoFundMe until the platform removed it. 

"Our terms of service prohibit fundraising for the legal defense of a violent crime. At this time, the fundraiser has been removed and all donors have been refunded," GoFundMe said in a statement, according to the New York Post

Bragg has since dropped charges against Alba due to the fact Alba clearly acted in self-defense. Of course, it doesn't even begin to approach how GoFundMe got rid of Kyle Rittenhouse's page when that was also a case of self-defense. 

It's yet another example of the anarcho-tyranny within Big Tech that is more than happy to advance the causes of those who hurt others under the guise of racial equity. What happened in Sundberg's case appears to not be a case of police brutality based on the evidence that is publicly available. The fact's in Alba's case were also clear from the get-go, based on security camera footage. 


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