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Unhinged Pro-Abortion Activists Heckle Pro-Life Students at Supreme Court

Townhall Media/Julio Rosas

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Pro-abortion and anti-abortion protesters once again showed up outside the walled off Supreme Court on Tuesday as the country waited to see if Roe v. Wade will be overturned with the expected decision from the Dobbs v. Jackson case.


Pro-abortion protesters upped the ante by having loudspeakers by their area in front of the Supreme Court as pro-life protesters shouted for the end of abortion across the country.

At one point, as decisions were being released, one pro-abortion demonstrator began to heckle activists who were with Students for Life.

"You will not take my right away! I will always get an abortion! I’ll go in a back alley and will f**king die!" she shouted. The woman went on to call the activists "whores" and "b*tch" while mimicking masturbation.

The woman further boasted how if it wasn't for the small fence and a nearby security guard, she would beat up the pro-life protesters. She then said she would talk to someone with a brain before storming off.


The Supreme Court did not release their decision in the Dobbs. The next day for opinions to be released is this Thursday though it is possible Dobbs will not be released this week. This would leave for next week for the court to reveal their decision before the recess in July.

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