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Turley and McCarthy: January 6 Committee Reveals Itself to Be a Kangaroo Court

Bonnie Cash/Pool via AP

Fox News contributors Jonathan Turley and Andrew McCarthy panned the second day of the House Select January 6 Committee because the proceedings are, unsurprisingly, heavily biased against former President Donald Trump. 

Democrats have defended the scheduling and importance of the hearings on the Capitol riot amid continued economic woes, inflation, and baby formula shortage. 

"But I thought the most telling moment came at the end, when the Chairman said, 'I'm going to introduce this video unless there's an objection.' And that sort of really put a pin on it. It was like — it's like asking at a wedding, 'Anyone who objects to this union speak up.' Nobody is really there to do it. And, you know, this is not the committee that you're going to have, you know, suddenly Liz Cheney say, 'Wait, this seems unfair. Maybe we need to look at other evidence that's been introduced as well.' So, it really brought sort of an odd conclusion because it sort of emphasizes there isn't anyone to object," legal scholar Jonathan Turley explained. 

"Well, it was a much tighter presentation today because it was centered around one theme, this whole idea of Stop The Steal, and what they're trying to emphasize obviously, is that — the point they want to make is that Trump must have known that there was nothing to this, because everybody around him who was credible was telling him it was nonsense, and there was nothing there. As I've said from the beginning, they've got a very good story to tell. The problem is, they've set it up in a process that is not a fair process that's aimed at getting to the truth and giving whatever contra arguments there are on their day in court," McCarthy said. 

"And as a result, it's more like messaging than it is like a real investigation. And if you would try this in court, you know, I could have been very impressive in court if there were no defense lawyers, you know," he continued. "Like the government put on its own case, own witnesses, own exhibits, and then no cross-examination and no defense arguments. I'd have been 1000 - 0"

With Monday's hearing concluded, the Committee has four more sessions to lay out their arguments. 


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