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Tucker Carlson Hits Back at Twitter for Censoring His Account

AP Photo/Richard Drew

Fox News host Tucker Carlson responded to Twitter censoring his account after showing support for other high-profile Twitter users, Charlie Kirk and The Babylon Bee, who had called U.S. Assistant Secretary for Health Rachel Levine a man.


Tucker's tweet stated that Kirk and the Bee's remarks about Levine were scientific fact. However, the tweet was quickly deleted by Twitter for being hateful.

"Our national conversation about transgenderism is completely defined by censorship, by making you shut up you’re not allowing you to notice the obvious is why they are doing it. There is no attempt to persuade you, there is no fact-based argument," Carlson said during his show on Wednesday.

"We dare to highlight two accounts that Twitter has banned. Charlie Kirk and the Babylon Bee. Nothing hateful about either one. I’d say look them up but you can’t. I noticed that biological sex is fixed at birth. Just acknowledged for at least 300,000 years. What was a factual statement. On twitter, as our public life, truth is no defense," he continued.

Carlson then turned to the new CEO of Twitter, Parag Agrawal, "who has said plainly he does not believe in free speech...Now Agrawal controls the single forum for America's political conversation. That is a big and important job."


The show then aired an interview Agrawal gave in 2020 where he considers the main priority for social media platforms is to facilitate "healthier public conversation" because the times have changed.

"The new standard isn’t your right as a citizen to say what you believe is true. The new standard is achieving something called 'healthy public conversation.' By the way, this isn’t one man’s opinion. You grew up in a country where people are free to say what they wanted. But now that political speech, all speech has disseminated to other citizens via social media, this is the guy who actually controls what you are allowed to think," Carlson said.


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