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Santiago Covarrubias/Sun Times via AP

Keith Thornton, a 911 dispatcher in Chicago, unleashed heavy criticisms against Mayor Lori Lightfoot (D) in a post on Facebook and later explained to "Fox & Friends First" how Lightfoot has failed to keep the city safe.


"It is outrageous. And  I’m not happy. You say Chicago, people are afraid like it is a death zone...Several of my officers who texted and said that they were scared, they're tired of this nonsense, they have no backing, and are scared being out there by themselves," Thornton said on Facebook.

Thornton told "Fox & Friends First" his breaking point in speaking out publicly was due to what is happening "every night, every day, every morning, every afternoon" and how crime in the city is "out of control and the citizens of Chicago deserves to know what has been done behind closed doors or what's being told to them, it's is all false," adding police need to be able to carry out police work.

Thornton said it was disgraceful Lightfoot rejected federal law enforcement help when former President Donald Trump offered the aid last year but is now trying to get help under Joe Biden's administration because lives could have been saved with federal help last year. Thornton noted he did not vote for Trump and did not like everything he did, but he still respected Trump because he was the president at the time.


"The blood is on her hands. Every child and every youth and adult and elderly person that is shot, killed, put out of vehicles because of carjackings with AK-47s, that is on her hands, and it's absolutely shameful. You are the mayor, do your job, it is has not been done...and now you want to come back and say now you want help, now you want help, that's garbage!"

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