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This Is the Number About the Border Crisis That Should Have Everyone Worried

The current surge of illegal foot traffic at the U.S.-Mexico border is certainly a sight to behold when witnessed first hand. While the current number of people turning themselves over to Border Patrol is staggering there is a number that is harder to track for a much more worrisome reason.


"Got aways" are people who are known to have illegally crossed but were able to avoid apprehension by Border Patrol. The current number of "got aways" is estimated to be around 1,000 people a day, the highest in recent memory.

Former Acting U.S. Customs and Border Protection Commissioner Mark Morgan highlighted that number during a press conference last week with a Texas GOP House delegation at the Rio Grande.

Morgan, who is now a senior fellow and spokesman at the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR), also noted there were at least 150,000 apprehensions for the month of March, up from over 100,000 in February. He said there could over 1.4 million apprehensions for the entire calendar year.


The Washington Post confirmed the number of 1,000 "got aways" a day through three CBP officials. It begs the question just who are those who don't want to be caught by Border Patrol. Since unaccompanied minors and family units are the ones who are turning themselves in after illegally crossing, the answer could be sinister as it is most likely the drug smugglers, gang members, and special interest aliens trying to enter the country. Sending families and unaccompanied minors first to tie down Border Patrol and their law enforcement partners so further evasion for others can be easier is a tactic used by the cartels.

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