76 Arrested and 8 Officers Injured After Riots Hit Los Angeles Following Lakers Championship Win

Posted: Oct 12, 2020 3:50 PM

The downtown Los Angeles area was rocked with celebrations following the L.A. Lakers Championship win against the Miami Heat on Sunday night, but the mass of fans gathered outside the Staples Center started to engage in violent and destructive behavior.

Some in the celebrating crowd began to destroy businesses and city buses, along with targeting the present LAPD officers. One bus was heavily damaged and a small fire was started on one of its seats. Rioters smashed windows and covered the exterior with graffiti. 

LAPD used crowd-control munitions to disperse the rioters as they threw objects and fireworks at the officers.

LAPD announced on Monday that 76 people were arrested, over 30 buildings were damaged, eight officers were injured, and two people were injured from officers' less-than-lethal munitions.

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John Stossel

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