Flashback: Antifa Activist Gave Threatening Warning to Mayor Ted Wheeler That Has Since Been Fulfilled

Posted: Oct 06, 2020 5:00 PM

Warning: Story contains graphic content.

With the city of Portland, Ore. continuing to deal with ad-hoc street battles between the Portland Police Bureau and the different Antifa groups, it was not long ago that city leaders were warned such riots would be happening. 

During a city council meeting on March 3, 2017, Antifa activist Jeffrey Singer used his time to blast Mayor Ted Wheeler (D) and to warn about the coming storm the city would be facing in 2020.

"I represent a mass of humanity who are tired, poor, and huddling from tyrants like you, Mayor Wheeler. I am so done coming here...I am done watching you looking at me with that look," he said. "I have been up all night, literally, I have not slept stewing over the f**king fact that one of your pigs shot a boy point blank with a F**KING ASSAULT RIFLE, WHEELER!"

"It's over, there's no more asking you for a goddamn thing! F**k you!" he continued. "I tell you what Wheeler, what do you think this is? It's a f**king gas mask. My own capital, my own labor I had to put into this to protect myself from your violent and oppressive paramilitary organization that only thirst for blood."

Singer ended his comments with this warning, "This is Little Beirut, Mayor Wheeler. This is the city of Roses and it has thorns, they're standing behind me. There's people getting real f**king done with f**king around with your cops in the street. You are laying the f**king seeds for an insurrection, on the record, Jeff Singer. It is not a threat. It is a fact. You are building towards something that is going to blow. Go f**k yourself you f**king pig!"

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"Thank you...got it," Wheeler replied as other Antifa activists heckled from him the audience.

Singer was recently arrested and charged with felony assault of an officer, felony criminal mischief, escape and was released without bail.