Protesters Face Off Against Trump Supporters in Philadelphia as the President Visits the City

Posted: Sep 16, 2020 12:00 PM

Warning: Story contains graphic content.

PHILADELPHIA, Pa. — President Trump's visit to Philadelphia brought out both supporters and protesters as he participated in a town hall with ABC News with undecided voters. The anti-Trump protesters outnumbered the Trump supporters as Philadelphia worked to keep the two groups separate.

The anti-Trump protesters walked up to the barricades that separated the two sides and there was heckling from the opposing groups. The anti-Trump side chanted, "Black Lives Matter" and "F**k Trump!," along with telling the "Nazi" Republicans to go home. The Trump supporters often chanted "Four more years!" in response.

One anti-Trump protester wore a scary Trump mask and ran an American flag through the inside of her underwear.

Another anti-Trump protester appeared to hit a Trump voter when she walked up to the fence to film the crowd.

The police were ready to intervene if the confrontations went beyond verbal matches, but it appeared as though no major fights broke out between the dueling sides. When Trump and his supporters finally left the area, the Black Lives Matter crowd continued to stay out and marched in the streets of the downtown area, often bringing traffic to a standstill until the whole crowd marched through.