Portland Rioters Attack and Set Fire to New Government Building as Unrest Continues

Posted: Aug 19, 2020 9:40 AM

Portland Antifa rioters continued to cause mayhem in the city streets on Tuesday evening with the crowd targeting a new government building, which included breaking windows and setting fires. 

The crowd blocked traffic to prevent road access to the Multnomah Building by using dumpsters and setting them on fire.

In addition to throwing rocks and setting fires, rioters sprayed graffiti on the Multnomah Building.

The Portland Police Bureau explained in a press release officers began to disperse the crowd after declaring the gathering a riot, which resulted in officers getting attacked with thrown projectiles:

"At 10:15 p.m., members in the group started throwing ignited paper inside of the Multnomah Building in an attempt to start a fire. When this did not work, members of the group began spraying lighter fluid inside of the building. After spraying lighter fluid inside of the building, someone in the crowd threw a large burning object inside of the building. This action created a fire big enough to set the fire alarms and sprinkler system off inside of the building.

"Because the crowd blocked traffic, started several dumpster fires, vandalized the building not limited to graffiti but also broke windows, and successfully started a fire inside the building, the gathering was declared a riot. Several public address announcements were made to the crowd, informing them a riot had been declared and they needed to disperse immediately to the north. The crowd was informed that if they failed to disperse it could result in citation or arrest, those who did not disperse would also be subjected to tear gas, crowd control munitions, or impact weapons."

Portland is on the verge of reaching 100 days of protests and riots. It appears the rioters have no intention of slowing down.