WATCH: Portland Rioter Gets Hit with Instant Karma After He Charges the Police Three Times

Posted: Aug 17, 2020 10:25 AM

A Portland rioter learned the hard way to not charge directly at the line of Portland Police officers early Sunday morning during the city's now daily riots.

A white man can be seen running near the line of police officers, who are protecting the Portland PB & Kelly Building, before turning around and starting to shout at the officers. He then takes off his shirt and runs right at the officers where he is met with a large dose of pepper spray.

The man turns around and starts to wipe his eyes as he's walking away. He then charges the police a second time and an officer gives him a bigger dose of pepper spray. Some in the crowd begin to shout for a medic to help the agitator and two people come to his aid.

Then, against all odds and logic, the rioter turns back around and starts to walk back toward the officers, this time he's met with a less-than-lethal projectile that leaves colored dust on his person and clothes.

He finally gives up and begins to walk away from the officers, who fire a second less-than-lethal projectile at the man. The officers then give chase and the three agitators start to run away, but they are unsuccessful and all three are taken into custody.

Protests and rioters continue to hold nightly demonstrations that often turn into fights with the Portland Police and Oregon State Police.