Protesters View Rayshard Brooks as Another Victim of Police Brutality in Atlanta

Posted: Jun 19, 2020 12:30 PM

Warning: Graphic content

Atlanta, Ga. — The street and the parking lot outside of the Wendy's where Rayshard Brooks was killed by Atlanta police after fighting his arrest and attempting to use one of the officer's own taser against them, has turned into another protest area that is now commonplace across the country.

A large makeshift memorial called for justice for Brooks has been set up by members of the community on the outside of the burned down Wendy's. Protesters were upset and angry at what they view as yet another example of police brutality.

To them, it's not enough that now-former police officer Garrett Rolfe has been fired and charged with murder. They view it as the first step to hold all officers accountable for their crimes against people of color.

Flowers and signs covered the fence that walled off the outdoor seating area of the Wendy's, with some stating, "Convict Killer Cops!" and "For everybody you've took, I'm taking five of y' alls on the Fourth of July."

A driver also made it past the makeshift barricades and tried to drive through where people had gathered on the road. As he attempted to leave, some in the crowd attacked the car. When the driver was finally pulling away, he threatened to come back.

With police nowhere to be found, some of the protesters wanted to "burn that sh*t" down, while others tried to stop them. Because some wanted to continue to cause destruction, the crowd did not want any photos or videos to be taken in the area. One person used a megaphone to state they'll start taking away cameras if they catch people violating the rule, with another saying, "And we'll beat your a** on sight."

Another protester encouraged people to tear down the remaining Wendy's signs since it was no longer a location for the fast-food company, but it is now a memorial for Brooks.