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'REPORTERS AREN’T SHEEP': Capitol Hill Journalists Upset at New Security Restrictions for Senate Trial

AP Photo/Jacquelyn Martin

Reporters on Capitol Hill voiced their displeasure at the new security restrictions that have been put in place for the Senate impeachment trial into President Trump. The new restrictions were put in place on Tuesday as the trial began its first day in the upper chamber.


Including metal detectors, reporters are now unable to walk and talk with senators as they leave the Senate floor. They are in designated areas, or press pens, and can ask questions if senators decide to stop by and talk.

Reporters criticized the metal detectors and designated areas, saying there are not animals and the new policies are an "ominous moment for the press and democracy." They say being placed in an area and are unable to follow senators is making it easier to avoid answering questions.


Before the trial officially started, Leader McConnell made some changes to his proposed trial rules. 24 hours are now allotted to both sides for opening statements over three days, instead of two, and evidence will be automatically admitted unless a senator objects.


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