5 Ways for a Woman to Become a Liberal Icon

Posted: Aug 29, 2013 6:30 PM
5 Ways for a Woman to Become a Liberal Icon

Each year, it seems like the Democratic Party and liberals in general find a new woman to hold up as a hero. These women receive applause for something they said or did that would likely appall many Americans who aren’t on the extreme Left. With that in mind, Townhall Magazine's John Hanlon came up with five ways for a woman to become a liberal icon. Read on for an exclusive excerpt from the September installment of his monthly A-List column in Townhall Magazine.


--Fight for a women’s right to an abortion five months into a pregnancy

Texas State Sen. Wendy Davis was not well-known outside of Texas until she spent over 10 hours filibustering a bill that would ban abortions after five months’ gestation. Once the filibuster hit national news, she became an overnight celebrity and, according to NBC News, raised nearly a million dollars two weeks after the filibuster. Yet, on “Face the Nation,” she condemned politicians who use abortion to boost their own political careers.

--Make a “hip” ad comparing voting to losing one’s virginity

Lena Dunham, the creator of HBO’s “Girls,” is a successful woman who publicly endorsed Barack Obama in 2012. But she didn’t just endorse him. She also made an oh-so-hip ad comparing voting for Obama to having sex for the first time. The tacky ad received a lot of media coverage and showed how low the Obama campaign was willing to stoop to get young female voters on their side.

--Make crass jokes about the Palins

Kathy Griffin has made a career out of mocking celebrities, but many of her jokes have been extremely mean-spirited, especially about the Palin family. According to AOL News, she once referred to Bristol Palin as “the white Precious,” noted that Sarah Palin must have performed a sex act on John McCain to be picked as his running mate, and said that she was going to attack Sarah’s then-16-year-old daughter next. Despite such jokes, and for all of her other celebrity bashing, Griffin was actually named as the co-host of CNN New Year’s Eve special with Anderson Cooper for several years. And, accordingn to CafeMom.com, she and Cooper also recently filmed a test pilot for the network.

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