10 Reasons to Celebrate August Recess

Posted: Aug 01, 2013 4:35 PM

Every August, members of Congress go on recess and leave Washington, D.C., to campaign, fundraise and spend time with their constituents. Although Congress is often mocked for its lax schedule and its multitude of vacations, here are 10 reasons why we should be celebrating—and not criticizing— the August recess. John Hanlon shares an exclusive peek at his his monthly A-List column for Townhall Magazine.


1.) A Legislative Break

With its members out of town, Congress won’t have the opportunity to pass damaging legislation, raise taxes and burden businesses with unnecessary regulations. Don’t you wish “August” happened every month?.

2.) Meetings with Actual Voters

With many members returning to the districts that elected them, these elected officials will be forced to communicate with their actual constituents. Good grief! Maybe even some of them will have to spend time shaking hands and getting to know people, a thought that still keeps Massachusetts’ one-time Senate hopeful Martha Coakley up at night.

6.) A Respite for Successful Companies

In May, Apple officials were brought before a Senate committee to be lambasted, criticized and maligned for not paying as many taxes as they could have. It was a hearing that GOP Sen. Rand Paul of Kentucky mocked for its “tone and tenor,” according to the Washington Post. In August, such company officials can take a break from being berated on the Hill and return to their day jobs of creating quality products and employment for America.

7.) Your Post Office Name Is Safe … For Now

We don’t have to worry about memorizing the names of post offices while Congress is on recess, considering “20 percent of laws passed in recent years were for naming post offices,” according to a New York Times write-up of a new Congressional Research Service report. Because, of course, nothing will keep the post office afloat as much as these new names will.

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