Bet on Higher Taxes

Posted: Mar 10, 2008 10:00 AM

During last week's budget debate, Republican Rodney Alexander (LA) offered 2 amendments to the budget resolution which added the Clinton and Obama socialized medicine plans to the budget. These amendments were defeated with all Democrats voting No.

Why would Republicans offer such a thing? Not because Republicans want socialized medicine, but because socialized medicine is very very expensive. Clinton and Obama use the same tax increases to pay for their government-controlled health car plans that the House and Senate Democrats are using just to pay for the general spending increases in the general budget. In other words, they are counting the same tax increases twice!

No wonder they voted No.

The budget is a mess already with Democrats proposing the largest tax increase in history even WITHOUT considering the cost of the signature socialized medicine plans of their presidential candidates. Do they want to raise taxes ever higher? They aren't saying. So you should bet on it.

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