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Tea Party Nation Starts Its Battle Cry Against The Food Safety Modernization Act

This Act is one of the biggest agenda items to hit the Senate floor tomorrow. Tea Party Nation has already started the attack.
As the lame duck session cranks up in Washington, we have to stand and fight again.  On Wednesday, there will be a cloture vote on Senate bill S.510.  ...S. 510 is basically Obamacare for the food industry. 

It will create 17,000 new bureaucrats, who's job is going to be to harass small farmers.  It will create huge regulatory burdens for small family farms and even for those who want to grown their own food.  This will choke out small farms.  For those who like to buy their own healthy food, forget it.  It will no longer be available.
Tea Party Nation urged its members to call their Senator and urge them not to vote on the bill. This thing has been cooking for a while, though, and many interest groups are involved. The one major controversial Amendment that would theoretically protect small farms is being hit hard by the food industry.

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