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The full House and the Senate Armed Services Committee have kicked DADT to the curb, but the bill has a long way to go before the policy becomes law. The provision has been included in a bill that allows continued funding for the U.S. military, and the House only took a vote on the isolated provision — not the whole bill. Also, the Senate is far from unified on the issue.

Critics are asking why this was even an issue for Congress to take up in the first place. This move means that Congress is placing its authority over the military's authority when it comes to internal operations, and rejecting the military's ability to make changes at its own pace. Here's Tony Perkins at the Family Research Council:
Tonight Speaker Pelosi and the House Majority ignored the pleas of the military, including all four service heads — those who lead the men and women who actually understand what it means to selflessly serve.  Speaker Pelosi also denied the request of the majority of military associations who asked that she show respect for our military commanders by holding off debate until the review process is completed.

...According to a recent Zogby poll, the American people by a three to one margin believe that military leaders should make this decision rather than Congress. These politicians have seriously miscalculated if they believe they can use the military to advance this radical social policy without being held accountable.
DADT has been in place since 1993.

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