Dems Legislative Agenda Ain't Movin'

Posted: May 03, 2010 8:30 AM

ABC's Rick Klein comments on the Democrats upcoming legislative agenda:

Where do you find room to drive an agenda again? Another week, another lesson in the unexpected for President Obama -- with events outside (or, perhaps more dangerously, barely inside) his control driving the news.

Just when he thought it was safe to get down to the Gulf Coast, a Manhattan scare called the nation's attention back northward.

Toss in that Supreme Court vacancy (a nominee late this week?) and a Greek economic crisis and immigration flare-ups in Arizona and an Iranian president in New York and an Afghanistan policy that needs some attention -- and those winds off the waters seem fierce again.

I'd like to add one more thing to the Democrats list of problems: their uncanny ability to stomach even one ounce of dissent. Case in point: Democrats inability to say the word "tea party" without calling them "teabaggers," and insisting they're violent without any evidence whatsoever. Republicans aren't always welcoming towards the left, but they do manage to show them at least tacit respect. Political respect can translate into respect for policy proposals.