Susan B. Anthony List Fights To Keep Tebow's Ad Rolling

Posted: Jan 29, 2010 11:43 AM
The National Organization for Women is trying to compel CBS to drop the the Tim Tebow / Focus on the Family pro-life advertisement slated to roll on Super Bowl Sunday. NOW says the pro-life message is disrespectful towards woman, and shouldn't be aired.

The Susan B. Anthony list is supporting Tebow and Focus on the Family with a campaign to condemn NOW's attack, and keep the advertisement rolling. They're accepting signatures at their new website, "Block Hard for Tim Tebow," and their video about Tebow's and his journey shouldn't be missed:

My priorities in life are, number one, my faith in God, number two, my family and my relationships with my family, number three, academics, and number four, is football. If those get jumbled around, and if you get the wrong one first, you could have a lot of problems. For me, trying to stay grounded, that’s the best way to do it – to have your priorities and try to live by them.
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