Government Workers - Not Citizens, Or Watchdogs - Come Up With 84,670 Different Ways The Government Is Wasting Money

Posted: Jan 12, 2010 3:44 PM
Buried in OMB director Peter Orzag's personal blog is the following gem, which announces the winner of the President’s SAVE Award, "a contest for Federal employees to come up with the best idea to save taxpayer dollars and make the government perform more effectively and efficiently."
Since voting began on Monday, OMB received 84,670 [suggestions] and her idea was picked from the "final four" as the winner. On Monday, December 21, Nancy will present her idea to President Obama at the White House.
....wait, what's that? Federal workers came up with 84,670 ways the government could stop wasting money? If a private company had that many problems, it wouldn't be in business! Orzag continues:
Over the coming months, we hope to implement many of these excellent ideas as we seek to instill a new sense of responsibility for every tax dollar.
Uh, yes. Probably a good idea to START WORKING FRANTICALLY RIGHT NOW.