Democratic Congressmen's Senior Aid Pushes "House Call" Protester

Posted: Nov 05, 2009 3:21 PM
Rep. Gerry Connolly's Communications Director George Burke reportedly pushed Teri Christoph, executive director of the group "Smart Girl Politics," after she visited Connolly's office as part of today's "House Call" protest.

Christoph had asked Burke why it was necessary for her to put her flip camera away -- an answer Burke had given her after she asked repeated questions about Connolly's stance on Pelosi's health care bill. No one has forgotten just how evasive the Congressman has been on the issue, but now it seems that he's resorted to siccing senior staffers on his own constituents to continue to avoid accountability.

Burke allegedly pushed Christoph's arm down forcefully after she asked about her camera, and it drew gasps of surprise from both junior Connolly staffers and about half a dozen other visitors inside Connolly's office.

Christoph was told that she needed a press pass to have a camera.

"[Then] he bumped into my arm that was holding the camera and threatened to call the police," said Christoph. "His young staffers conducted themselves very very well, but his senior staffer made it seem like I was the enemy…"

Inquiries to Connolly's office about the altercation have not been returned.

UPDATE: Burke has adamantly denied the reports — though, not to this reporter.