Reports From The Ground In Va.

Posted: Nov 03, 2009 10:43 AM
From a N. Va. voter:
I went to vote today at the same time I usually do (somewhere between 7-8am) regardless of whether it's a primary or general election. There are always people there voting at that hour whenever I've gone. At both the 2008 Virginia primary (Republicans and Democrats have their primaries the same day in VA) and the 2008 general election, there were lines out the doors -- for the general election there were lines down the block. Today there were people voting, but no lines at all and there were no organized party events / protests / meet-and-greets by the lower level Alexandria / Virginia politicians to try to talk to lined-up voters, as there usually are at my voting place. What the "no lines" and "no polls" communicated to me was that in one of the most reliably liberal, affluent and very heavily politically active communities of NoVA, there's not a lot of excitement or plans or effort today for Deeds.
Which begs the question... how much excitement is there elsewhere around the state?
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