RNC Chair On Scuzzyfuzzy's Floundering

Posted: Nov 02, 2009 5:04 PM
Micheal Steele on Cavuto, talking about NY-23:
The reality is that [Sozzafava] was selected by eleven County Chairman, and there was not a primary process here....As the national chairman, I dont have the luxury of picking my nominees... my responsibility is just to help them get elected.
On the prospects for Hoffman despite Scozzy's slap in the face:
Despite this cynical maneuver.. I think we have a real good chance here to keep this thing going.
On how badly Scozzy's move looks for his RNC:
Is there a little egg on your face in the process? Yes. Is a lot of the base bothered by this? Yes. But it's a local process... [and] parties need to be careful how outsiders come in and dictate [local elections]. Do you want people from New York going to Florida and saying, 'I dont like who you picked?'
On the future direction of the GOP:
The bottom line is this: the party is broadly based. I'm trying to move this party along, embracing everyone.
He used the example of "good ying and yang" to describe the balance between right-leaning conservatism and moderate conservatism co-existing within the Republican Party.

I'd say there's quite a bit more yang right now.