Blogging Emergency

Posted: Aug 25, 2009 11:04 PM
I just returned from Rep. Jim Moran's town hall event. It was phenomenal; I have pictures to upload and video to edit.

But I have a blogging emergency. Jim Moran will have to wait.

Gov. Charlie Crist — the governor of the state I hail from — who has been turning darker and darker shades of purple ever since he was elected — and who is facing an increasingly difficult race against Marco Rubio for Florida's open Senate seat — has now reassured Floridians, presumably as some sort of effort to combat Rubio's dramatic gains, that he has indeed protected his state by sticking notes into the Western Wall in Israel.

I have actually stuck a few notes in the Western Wall myself. I believe that performing that act is a very real spiritual experience. But a politician pulling that out of his hat just as his opponent is making gains is not only ludicrous, but insulting. May John Miller's words at NR ring true:

Rubio...will need to play from behind, hanging in there against a stronger opponent for a full four quarters and hoping to put himself in position for a game-winning kick as time runs out. Then the nightmare will belong to Charlie Crist.