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Kaus on Edwards

There was a lot of buzz around the rumor that John Edwards was on the verge of admitting paternity of Rielle Hunter's child, but it's been four days and there has been no bombshell press conference.
Micky Kaus digs into the muck quite intelligently:
WRAL reported that Edwards would publicly admit paternity at some point, but he hasn't actually done it yet, you know? Is he a) getting cold feet about the admission after seeing the nontrivial and hostile coverage the story has been getting; b) waiting until the grand jury clears him, as part of the bury-bad-news-under-good strategy previously suggested in this space; or c) planning to admit paternity privately but not put out any public admission, leaving the press with rumors and future leaks? ...But since most people already think he's the father--it's "old news" in the classic Clinton formulation--then maybe the best PR result for Edwards might is if the truth about any admission sort of dribbles out over the next few weeks. 

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